Plastijet, the best manufacturers of accessories for machines

If you are looking for injection parts for your mechanisms, at Plastijet we offer you the best accessories manufacturers for machines in Barcelona. And, from our company we take care of developing different types of products through plastic injection to meet the needs of our customers, depending on their demands and the objectives or functions they seek with our productions.

We are a company that produces parts of all kinds for a wide variety of machinery, so we seek to build loyalty to our customers through the technicality of our manufacturing, punctual delivery times and innovation to become the best of our sector. To achieve this and much more, our business has 12 types of products and then we present you three of them:

  • Handles: in our company of manufacturers of accessories for machines we elaborate these well-known elements for the doors of mechanisms with the aim of transferring auxiliary equipment, among other functions.
  • Knobs: we have different specimens such as knobs with external thread and internal thread, which has other specific possibilities depending on the model chosen by our client.
  • Brackets for handrails: another popular accessory that we manufacture with two archetypes of subjection and with the decoration that our buyer thinks opportune, depending on the color of the accessory and even if our client prefers to add some descriptive element of his company, like the logo of the same one.
In Plastijet we have more than 35 years of experience in the production of plastic parts by injection and we want to continue being one of the best manufacturers of accessories for machines. If you need spare parts for your machines, we are your reference company in Barcelona because without a doubt, we will find what you need, with total professionalism.

Do not think twice and cheer up, choose the best ones and contact our services through the contact form on the official Plastijet website. On the contrary, if you prefer you can send us your questions by sending an email to or call us at 93-864-44-78.

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