Rubber feet, the best supports for your machinery

Plastijet is the company indicated for the manufacture of rubber feet for any type of machinery, depending on the needs of the client. Our plastic supports are the most competitive on the market, in addition to having a wide variety of leveling feet with or without kneecap, the so-called EC that are made with reinforced polyamide (firm material) and antivibration feet that are responsible for absorbing any type of movement on the surface.

These are the rubber feet that we offer our most demanding users to customize and complement the mechanisms they want with maximum reliability. Our supports offer the greatest advantages for our users as they are useful and quick to place products, in addition to having anti-slip characteristics for better use in machinery. Plastijet supports are completely fixed to the ground or terrain on which the machine is installed in concrete, so it provides security during the operation of said mechanism avoiding any unwanted movement and inconvenience for production.

In addition to its adherent components, our leveling feet have another type of benefits and returns as is the case of the integrity and durability of the materials that make them up. With these peculiarities, the plastic feet that we offer allow an important economic saving at the same time that increases the functionality of the product so that our buyers adopt the best materials, rubber accessories and services of the city.

You can use these plastic supports by injection for other spaces such as protection structures and we guarantee the ownership of our designs, so you will have at your disposal the individualized attention of the product you wish to acquire through our company.

If you still have any doubt about what you can get with our feet made of rubber, do not hesitate and contact us to answer all your questions and objections. For this, you have the possibility to connect with us through our email On the contrary, if you prefer you can fill out the contact form through our website or, thirdly, call us at 93-864-44-78.

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