Stainless feet, the best support for your machinery

At Plastijet we take care of manufacturing the most competent stainless steel feet in Barcelona, ​​in turn, to offer our customers maximum adhesion and benefits in the supports and accessories for machinery they wish to acquire.

From our company we are concerned to develop the best products through the best professionals and the use of the materials most related to the characteristics and needs of the user. Among our services, we have a wide variety of products: from leveling feet of all kinds to knobs, support heads or hinges, among many other accessories. However, one of our star refills are the stainless bases that stand out for their infinite benefits.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a raw material from which a great profitability can be extracted through its use, in this case, in the supports for machinery. It is an anticorrosive material thanks to some of its components such as chrome, which prevents the deterioration of the final product with other elements. Some of its virtues also go through its physical hygiene since it does not need specific and constant care for its proper functioning, although there are many more virtues.

Benefits of our stainless feet?

Previously we showed a small description of the basic component of our feet, stainless steel. Once we know some of the characteristics of this common material, we need to know more about the profitability and advantages of our stainless supports.

Among its most important profit for the daily functionality of the product we have the strength and durability of the accessory, with respect to similar ones that are not made or elaborated by this type of component. For example, our stainless steel feet can withstand high temperatures and also corrosive effects that may appear, one of the many characteristics that provide greater reliability and confidence.

In Plastijet we offer the best stainless steel feet in the market, not only for its features and benefits, but also for the great diversity we bring to our customers. If you want to complement and customize your machinery with the best supports and bases, trust our company. If you want to know about all our services you can send an email to or if you prefer, you can call us at 93-864-44-78.

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