Tube ends for profiles

Especificaciones de producto

Threaded ends for round or squares structure profiles.
This product allows us to assemble structures of tube on the leveling feet quickly.


  • Plastic material: Reinforced polyamide
  • Threaded insert material: Stainless

W: maximum working resistance. Tests performed in external laboratory approved.
E: thickness profile.
* Place orders including the REF. of the product.


REF.DESCRIP.A (mm)B (mm)e (mm)L (mm)h (mm)MW (kg)
A000-730-0201TP 30X30 M830301,5224,48300
A000-731-0201TP 30X30 M1030301,5224,410300
A000-732-0201TP 30X30 M1230301,5224,412300
A000-700-0201TP 40X40 e2/1,5 M840402 / 1,5305,58700
A000-701-0201TP 40X40 e2/e1,5 M1040402 / 1,5305,510800
A000-702-0201TP 40X40 e2/e1,5 M1240402 / 1,5305,512800
A000-703-0201TP 40X40 e2/e1,5 M1440402 / 1,5305,514800
A000-704-0201TP 40X40 e2/e1,5 M1640402 / 1,5305,516800
A000-706-0201TP 40X40 e2/e1,5 M2040402 / 1,5305,520800
A000-711-0201TP 50X50 e2 M1050502448,1510800
A000-712-0201TP 50X50 e2 M1250502448,1512800
A000-713-0201TP 50X50 e2 M1450502448,1514800
A000-714-0201TP 50X50 e2 M1650502448,1516800
A000-716-0201TP 50X50 e2 M2050501,5448,1520800
A000-721-0201TP 50X50 e1,5 M1050501,5448,1510800
A000-722-0201TP 50X50 e1,5 M1250501,5448,1512800
A000-723-0201TP 50X50 e1,5 M1450501,5448,1514800
A000-724-0201TP 50X50 e1,5 M1650501,5448,1516800
A000-726-0201TP 50X50 e1,5 M2050501,5448,1520800


REF.DESCRIP.A (mm)B (mm)e (mm)L (mm)h (mm)MW (kg)
A000-741-0201TP 48,3 e1,5 M848,345,91,54488900
A000-742-0201TP 48,3 e1,5 M1048,345,91,5448101000
A000-743-0201TP 48,3 e1,5 M1248,345,91,5448121000
A000-744-0201TP 48,3 e1,5 M1448,345,91,5448141000
A000-745-0201TP 48,3 e1,5 M1648,345,91,5448161000
A000-747-0201TP 48,3 e1,5 M2048,345,91,5448201000
A000-754-0201TP 60,3 e2,5 M1460,355,92,5448141500
A000-755-0201TP 60,3 e2,5 M1660,355,92,5448161500
A000-757-0201TP 60,3 e2,5 M2060,355,92,5448201500
A000-759-0201TP 60,3 e2,5 M2460,355,92,5448241500
A000-764-0201TP 60,3 e2 M1460,356,92448141500
A000-765-0201TP 60,3 e2 M1660,356,92448161500
A000-767-0201TP 60,3 e2 M2060,356,92448201500
A000-769-0201TP 60,3 e2 M2460,356,92448241500
A000-774-0201TP 60,3 e1,5 M1460,357,91,5448141500
A000-775-0201TP 60,3 e1,5 M1660,357,91,5448161500
A000-777-0201TP 60,3 e1,5 M2060,357,91,5448201500
A000-779-0201TP 60,3 e1,5 M2460,357,91,5448241500