PLASTIJET “Added value for our customers”

PLASTIJET is a company which manufactures technical plastic parts by injection process. We manufacture PLASTIC ACCESSORIES for machinery, industrial furniture, display stands, protection structures and other applications.

All of these are designed, developed and produced by PLASTIJET.

Besides manufacturing plastic accessories we also look after the subcontracting needs of other manufacturers who use plastic components in their products.

Our staff are highly qualified and have great experience in the plastics injection sector, and provide our customers with technical advice services.

The company’s main strong points are:

  • Very technical products with innovative designs
  • Immediate delivery
  • Very competitive prices, as we are direct manufacturers
  • Over 35 years experience int the plastic injection sector
  • Backing for innovation
  • Flexibility of production
  • ISO 9001 quality management system established

We would like to thank our customers for the trust they are placing in our products, and we hope to continue working and growing together.